Green Lung

Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 12a
04277 Leipzig

Beyond the cities and motorways of modern Britain, away from the influence of its Chris8an churches and cathedrals, lies another country. An older, stranger country. A country of lonely tors and desolate moors, of forgotten woods and mysterious standing stones. You are about to embark on a journey into occult Albion.

Come. It’s time to explore this heathen land…

GREEN LUNG are a cult band in every sense of the word. Formed in London in 2017, their first two records Woodland Rites (2019) and Black Harvest (2021) brought a folk horror sensibility to occult rock, attracting a fanatical following in their native UK and beyond, and resulting in international tours with the likes of Clutch, festival performances from Roadturn to Bloodstock to Download, and a record deal with the world’s biggest independent heavy metal label Nuclear Blast Records.

Nächster Termin

Mittwoch, 03.04.2024


20:00 Uhr


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