Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow

Neumarkt 9
04109 Leipzig
20.00 - 23.59

Fingerstyle percussive guitar meets masterful violin accompaniment and a magical blend of vocals as Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow twirl their musical influences together to create a riveting potion of Celtic rock, folk, metal, classical & jazz.
Hailing from the same school on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia and now based in Berlin, Germany the duo have performed together for nearly 20 years. Their connection is mesmerising and they are known across the world for enthralling and delighting audiences with up to 140 concerts each year.
The duo’s shared love of travel seeps into their live shows creating a soundscape that moves from Iceland to Scotland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Japan and all the way home to Australia. Along with emotive moments they captivate with athletic guitar stunts, interwoven violin antics and a velvety curtain of vocals.
The whole show is threaded together by Tim’s whimsical narrative and psychedelic-sometimes-true stories of life on the road and…

Nächster Termin

Samstag, 24.08.2024


20:00 Uhr


15,00 EUR


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